New Firefox Nightly firstrun page and community growth

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Théo Chevalier, le 26 juin 2014, à 23h26

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Bill Gianopoulos
  27 juin 2014, à 02h05 #1
I had noticed the new first-run page and thought gee someone really put a lot of thought into this and wondered who it was.

Great job!
Bill Gianopoulos
  27 juin 2014, à 02h07 #2
But it seems your blog site has issues with posting comments from Linux. because of Line endings.
Bill Gianopoulos
  27 juin 2014, à 02h09 #3
OIC looks fine when actually posted just the return feedback of what will be posted seems to have 'n's all over the place if you insert line breaks.
  27 juin 2014, à 04h01 #4
Thanks Bill!
Yeah, I'm aware of the n bug, just need to find the time to fix it^^
  27 juin 2014, à 07h56 #5
  27 juin 2014, à 08h20 #6
I like it good job. No tiles haha.
David Boswell
  27 juin 2014, à 19h52 #7
Great job on building the page. I'm really excited to see how this helps get more people involved :)

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